Saturday, June 25, 2011

Low-carbon society scenarios

The primary objective of the “Research project to Establish a Methodology to Evaluate Mid to Long Term Environmental Policy Options toward Asian Low-Carbon Societies?E(S-6 research project), is to develop comprehensive methodologies to design, calculate and evaluate the mid to long term policy options towards Low-Carbon Societies (LCSs) in Asia, which integrate robust scientific knowledge, and are sensitive to the multi-faced needs and values of each Asian country. The project also aims to formulate policy roadmaps and disseminate these for implementation.

Low-Carbon Society Vision 2030: Thailand

Preliminary study on Sustainable Low-Carbon Development towards 2030 in Vietnam

Low-Carbon Society Visions 2035: Ahmedabad

Japan Scenarios and Actions towards Low-Carbon Societies (LCSs)

Japan Roadmaps towards Low-Carbon Societies (LCSs)

A Roadmap towards Low-Carbon Kyoto