Sunday, June 5, 2011

Education for Greatness

Humane Education Project

Photo of Children in the Unnamed Project
Humane education explores our relationships with people, animals, and the planet. It encourages critical thinking and inspires empathy and respect for all living beings and the earth. We nurture an awareness of one's values and offer factual information to make informed, healthy, and humane choices. Humane education empowers youth to realize their potential for cultivating social change.
We offer free holistic bilingual humane education programs for youth in grades PreK-12. Our programs provide a unique opportunity to explore the impact we have on this planet and on the species that share it with us. For younger audiences, we offer an enriching story followed by a discussion that helps nurture respect and kindness for all life. All programs are modified to be age appropriate for each audience.

Current Projects:

Educating Without Borders
The Educating Without Borders Project
The Empathy Project is committed to defending and promoting quality education as a fundamental human right applicable to all. We believe education to be the driving force in the transformation and development of individuals and their communities. Education is instrumental in the development of a fair, non-discriminatory society which offers opportunites to all people. Read more »
The Healing Species
The Healing Species Project
The Healing Species is a violence intervention/character education outreach program. Through the assistance of rescued dogs, we teach children a process from which to understand and overcome abuse, neglect, and grief while at the same time teaching life skills in self-esteem, conflict resolution, anger management, and respect for the feelings of others. The children learn to gain success through acts of compassion and responsibility instead of returning "violence for violence". Read more »

Program Series

Circle of Compassion: What is your circle of compassion? Participants explore their thoughts and beliefs about the value of other species with whom we share the planet. The ethical issues surrounding the different treatment of similar species is explored as we consider how our attitudes and personal actions can create a more compassionate world.

Lifestyles of the Earth Friendly: What is a "friendly" day? Meet an earth-friendly person and discover how simple, daily choices affect humans, other species, and the planet.

Our Food, Our World What's the big deal with breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Learn how every meal affects the rainforest, rivers, other species and people around the world. Medical and environmental studies demonstrate the enormous impact our food choices have on the earth and our bodies. Explore plant based diets as a powerful way to reduce suffering, improve health, and restore the planet.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Are humans really the fairest species of them all? How have philosophers like Thomas Aquinas and Plutarch shaped ideas about our relationships with other species? Learn how modern philosophers and thinkers have challenged these ideas. Discover your own philosophy and ways to incorporate it into your life.

Earth Share Story-time has never been this enriching for youngsters! An opportunity for children below 3rd grade to experience stories that honor non-violence, compassion, respect, and our deep connection to all life. Discussion will allow children to actively explore for themselves the themes within the stories and encourage new ideas about we choose to live.

Friends for Life By understanding the behaviors and needs of our non-human companions, we can provide them with much better lives. Participants will learn about the pet industry, puppy mills, and overpopulation as we explore ways to be "guardians" instead of "owners" of the special ones that depend on us.

A Place to Call Home Advertisements portray "farmed animals" as content yet the reality tells a much different story. Meet residents at Farm Sanctuary, the nation's oldest and largest haven for farmed animals. Participants hear their stories, explore the reality of today's farming, and learn how they can make a difference.

Gone with the Wild Venture into the wild and see what challenges other species face for survival. Learn how human behavior is harming life in the local community and in the world. Learn what you can do in your own life to help create a safer and kinder world for all.

Into the Lab Explore the ethical, social, and public health issues of animal experimentation. Learn about effective animal-free research techniques.

That's Entertainment Elephants, lions, whales, and dolphins fascinate audiences at zoos, aquariums, and circuses. Yet awareness regarding the emotional, familial, and social lives of these animals is sparkling debates about the ethics of such entertainment forums. Participants learn about these unique animals, look behind the scenes, and explore kinder alternatives.