Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Future Policy - Sustainable Agriculture and Food

In the agriculture and food sector, hunger, climate change and loss of biological diversity are interconnected problems. More people than ever do not have sufficient food, whilst unsustainable farming and food production methods contribute to global warming and an alarming rate of extinction of species. 
However, many good policies exist to address these problems.
This website presents four proven and effective policy concepts to make the agriculture and food sector more sustainable:
On this website you can find more background information on food security and sovereignty, the effects of agriculture and the food system on climate change and on agricultural biodiversity.
Please download our brochure Cultivating the Future: Food in the Age of Climate Change.

In 2009 the Future Policy Award celebrated successful policies for Food Security and the Human Right to Food. Policies were nominated that create fair and sustainable food systems, working towards ensuring access to adequate food for all citizens. Read more about the Future Policy Award and download the brochure Celebrating the Belo Horizonte Food Security Programme.