Thursday, June 23, 2011

Climate Culture

Climate Culture is the first fun and personal utility to help
you make smarter choices that reduce your impact on climate change and save some cash.

What We Believe

People are powerful. But sometimes we don't realize how powerful we are. How influential even the smallest decisions can be when they're made by hundreds of millions of people.
We have faith in people. We have this faith because we see every day that we are part of a culture that wants to make smart decisions. We realize that being more aware and less wasteful promotes not only a healthier planet and a thicker wallet, but a stronger economy, a more secure nation and a better way of going through life.
Our culture spans people of all shapes and sizes - teachers, lawyers, hippies, neocons, libertarians, doctors, mothers, students, retirees, plumbers, construction workers, waitresses, and bankers. Our culture isn't for any one type of person. It's for everyone, because it rests on a very simple premise: the more we know, the better decisions we make.
Our culture is the driving force behind companies going green and governments legislating clean energy policy. We are the engine that sets the pace of the green revolution. We have the power. Now it's up to us to show them we know how to use it. We need to move faster. We need the engine to work harder. We need our culture, the Climate Culture, to grow even stronger.
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