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Sustainable Transport Resources

GTZ's Sustainable Transport Sourcebook, Training Documents , Technical Documents developed by GTZ-SUTP and also the Bus Rapid Transit Planning Guide and Cycling-inclusive Policy Development: A Handbook

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Sustainable Transport: a Sourcebook for Policy-makers in Developing Cities
1: Institutional Issues
1a: Sustainable Transport and Urban Development
1b: Sustainable Transport Institutions
1c: Private Sector Participation in Urban Transport Infrastructure Provision
1d: Economic Instruments
1e: Raising Public Awareness about Sustainable Transport
2: Land Use Planning and Demand Management
2a: Land Use Planning and Urban Transport
2b: Mobility Management
3: Transit, Walking and Cycling
3a: Mass Transit Options
3b: Bus Rapid Transit
3c: Bus Regulations
3d: Preserving and Expanding the Role of Non-motorised Transport
3e: Car Free Development
4: Vehicles and Fuels
4a: Cleaner Fuels and Vehicle Technologies
4b: Inspection & Maintenance and Road worthiness
4c: Two and Three Wheelers
4d: Natural Gas Vehicles
4e: Intelligent Transport Systems - ITS
4f: Eco-Driving
5: Environment and Health
5a: Air Quality Management
5b: Urban Road Safety
5c: Noise Reduction
5d: The CDM in the Transport Sector
5e: Transport and Climate Change
5f: Adapting Urban Transport to Climate Change
English 3.80 Mb
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7: Social and Cross-cutting issues on Transport
7a: Gender and Urban Transport
 tc-busregplan.gif Bus Regulation and Planning
English 3.58 Mb
 1e---PAC.gif Public Awareness and Behavioural Change in Sustainable Transport  English 3.31 Mb
Spanish 3.30 Mb
 TC-NMTcover.jpg Non-Motorised Transport  English 5.72 Mb
Mass Transit Options  English 6.62 Mb
 TC-TDM.gif Transportation Demand Management
English 9.20 Mb
Chinese 6.97 Mb
Español 7.30 Mb
brtpg2007.jpg  Introduction  English 1.63 Mb
 parti.png  Part I - Project Preparation
English 15.54 Mb
 partii.png Part II - Operational Design  English 10.97 Mb
partiii.png Part III - Physical Design
English 11.68 Mb
partiv.png Part IV - Integration
English 10.31 Mb
partv.png Part V - Business Plan
English 9.58 Mb
partvi.png Part VI - Evaluation and Implementation
English 4.86 Mb
resources.png Resources, Annexes and References
English 1.20 Mb
brtpg2007.jpg BRT Planning Guide Complete English 54.73 Mb
  Demystifying Induced Travel Demand
English 3.64 Mb
  Social Change and urban transport
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  Cycling-inclusive Policy Development: A Handbook
Complete Version
English 19.09 Mb
CIP-toc-EN.jpg  Cycling-inclusive Policy: A Handbook: Table of Contents English 461.04 Kb
 Chapter - 01: Introduction: learning from others' successes and failures English 750.49 Kb
 CIP-ch2-EN.JPG Chapter - 02: From car based to people-centred cities
English 2.51 Mb
 CIP-ch3-EN.JPG Chapter - 03: Ideas that shape urban form - and how urban form shapes us
English 1.56 Mb
CIP-ch4-EN.JPG   Chapter - 04: Getting organised: managing and implementing the policy-making process English 1.09 Mb
CIP-ch5-EN.jpg   Chapter - 05: Five main requirements for cycling inclusive infrastructure English 1.75 Mb
CIP-ch6-EN.jpg  Chapter - 06: Identifying bicycle networks for better cities English 1.03 Mb
 CIP-ch7-EN.jpg Chapter - 07: Design: making choices that fit local conditions
English 1.90 Mb
 Chapter - 08: Designing for cycling makes residential and central business district streets better - for all English 1.51 Mb
 CIP-ch9-EN.jpg  Chapter - 09: Designing for cycling along main roads and highways English 1.38 Mb
 CIP-ch10-EN.jpg  Chapter - 10: Bicycle parking: tools for success English 2.12 Mb
 CIP-ch11-EN.jpg  Chapter - 11: Building a multimodal transport system: integrating cycling and public transportation English 2.63 Mb
 CIP-ch12-EN.jpg  Chapter - 12: Cycling-friendly regulations for sustainable cities  English 1.85 Mb
 CIP-ch13-EN.jpg  Chapter - 13: Social Marketing and citizens' participation: good relationships build better cycling facilities English 1.06 Mb
 CIP-ch14-EN.jpg  Chapter - 14: Education, awareness building and advocacy English 491.63 Kb
 CIP-ch15-EN Chapter - 15: Researching cycling needs and possibilities
English 1.49 Mb
 Glossary - Cycling-Inclusive Policy: A Handbook English 1.22 Mb