Thursday, December 3, 2009

How to Keep the Economy in Perspective

When I started my path for self-improvement the first thing I focused on was finances. I understood from experience that wanting money is not a point of greed. If you don’t have enough money to get by than you will not be able to see your family, and than you work and work and work, for the sake of people who you never get a chance to get to know. I wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t make this same mistake. Not that working for others is bad, nor is there anything wrong with hard work, but you should also be able to enjoy some fruits of your labor without feeling desparate.

Every media outlet we turn on now a days will tell us how bad the economy is, and how tight finances are in the entire world. I’d like to put some perspective on this.

We have more opportunity than ever.

With the spreading of social media and the internet every person has been empowered to connect with others. There may be a good deal of people out of work, but there are also a good deal of things that are still needed, and a large pool of people that need work can connect with each-other. In previous ages such as the great depression there were men and women with ideas, who were able to put these ideas into action, and become industry giants, but unlike than today we have more ways to find people that are willing to work for the same idea.

More fortunes are made during hard times than during prosperous times.

When we are pushed against a wall, we do not have anywhere to run. When you are not going to eat if you don’t do something you may find in yourself the strength to take risks that before wouldn’t of made sense. Increased risk often means increased profit. You have to be alert, and no longer because its that dream or that one idea but because if you don’t do something than you could go hungry.

We can find the answers in ourselves.

The people who are recorded the most talking about the economy are the same people who got us here. Turn off the news, and turn instead to others that need help, turn to your family, turn to opportunity, turn to yourself. Don’t look to the politicians to fix this if any party that has been in power had any clue how to manage economics would we have gotten here? Politicians have one power, and one power only, that is to write and sign a piece of paper that men with guns will enforce. They can try to do good, but there good can only be enforced one way.
“Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.”~Albert Einstein
We still have an economy.

Sometimes its very good to look at the worse case scenario to remind yourself of what you have. We still have people trading, and we still have a currency. So far in history every time a currency has gone off of a set standard it has been printed into oblivion. So long as you can still trade the money that you have worked for there is still time and there is still opportunity. And even in the worse situation, there are still ideas, and there are still men and women that can unite. This is the real backbone for an economy, not paper.

The most important thing that you can remember however is that if you do the same thing that everyone else does you will end up in the same place as them. Times are tough, yes, but don’t throw in the towel when everyone else does. Don’t assume that opportunity is not out there. If opportunity does not present itself to you on a silver platter than go out and grab it yourself. Don’t wait for everyone else to start believing it is possible rather be the inspiration for others to believe again. The human spirit has conquered harsher times, and it will again. Will you be part of this solution though, or will you give up because its tough? That is up to you. That is the decision that you do have power over.