Thursday, December 3, 2009

Save a Cow, Eat a Vegetarian? Let's All Agree: Factory Farming is the Real Evil, Not Vegans

Solidarity is what we need to end the un-green global meat industry.

Every time I write a vegan-related post, I get grief from dedicated green omnivores who run or support small farms and only choose organic, grass-fed beef, etc. I'd say it's time for a sit-down.

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I often talk about how the meat-based diet is directly responsible for, among many other things:

When I do so, I've always thought it's quite obvious that I'm mostly referring to the global industries which produce the vast majority of animal products that end up on your plate.

To me, there is no debate as to which is more green, veganism or factory farming. It's as clear as bicycle vs. Hummer. What confuses me is why those who eat animals but have opted out of the multinational agribusiness approach are more likely to be offended than those who freely and openly choose fast food burgers without a hint of remorse.

Just imagine how much more productive it'd be if vegans and small farm omnivores worked collectively toward an equally palatable goal: End factory farming, battery cages, veal crates, etc. and all the damage this system is inflicting on humans, animals, and the planet. Then—when Mother Earth can breathe a huge sigh of relief—we'd be at the point where we could discuss and debate the concept of "humane slaughter" and whether or not animal protein is required for human health.

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