Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Let's be part of it my friends? 350 campaign

Hi family!

I just watched a really cool video from the crew at It's about new global campaign focused on making sure the world takes the kind of big, bold, fast action that we need to solve this crisis--check it out:

I think you'll agree that it's beautiful--I've included the link so you can pass it on to your friends!

Here in Brazil we are mobilizing the youth to help them and the planet in this campaign !!

If you have any idea, please let us know!!!

Love and peace Hugs

I love you all


Action Ideas

Looking for some ideas for your October 24th action? We've collected some of our favorites here.

Whatever you choose to do just remember to plan a time for taking an action photo that visibly displays the number 350. If possible, choose an iconic or meaningful location for your action -- a place you wish to protect from climate change or which represents what matters to you and your community.

Walk, March, or Rally: Visibly walking through your community shows movement and solidarity with the cause. Ending at an iconic site (a monument, mountain, hill, river, temple, park -- you know what's best for your place) with speakers and musicians is a great way to spread the word while having a good time.

Show the Tide Line: In coastal areas, rising sea levels caused my melting sea ice may flood many iconic and meaningful places. Standing on or marking potential tide lines could be a powerful image and educational experience for your community.

Teach-In: October 24 will be an excellent teaching opportunity! Do some online research about global warming and invite your participants to learn more about the issue and discuss why 350 is such a critical benchmark for international action on this issue.

Faith Celebrations: Connections between the world's diverse religions and the issue of global warming are numerous and strike a strong moral chord. This is a great way to gather people together who already have a community in which they discuss the big questions -- now is the chance to add global warming to the list.

Invite Government Officials: October 24 will be a great day to directly engage government officials and call for real action on climate change. Who in your country has influence on climate policy? Consider inviting your mayor, environment minister, representatives, or perhaps even prime minister or president. Whoever you try to invite, just be sure to give them plenty of advanced notice, be polite, call back if you are not hearing from them, and maybe even visit their office to demonstrate how much you care about their participation.

Biking Action: Biking, like a march or walk, is a great way to get out and be visible in your community. It can also demonstrate the need for improved infrastructure for our alternative modes of transportation.

Campus Action: College campuses have a huge role to play in any social movement. Push the creativity and tech-savvy contributions that youth can provide, and give a strong base of energy for our elders.

Trash Clean Up: Sadly, some of our iconic places aren’t as pristine as we’d like. Why not leave the place better than you found it?

Service Actions: Spend part of your day actively creating a more just, sustainable world by helping weatherize buildings in your community, constructing new pedestrian or cycle paths, or running whatever sorts of service projects you can come up with to work towards getting CO2 back below 350 ppm.

Art Installation: Provide art supplies and invite your participants to create art—maybe something that speaks of the importance of your iconic place.

Support Better Foods: Have a feast, potluck, or carbon-free picnic in your best local spot. This is an easy way to get everyone participating and highlight local and/or organic foods.

Sports: Bring a football or a frisbee, and invite everyone to play a game outside! Click here to learn more about athletes participating in October 24.

Music: Perhaps you know some local musicians who might want to join the effort. Or, you could invite participants to bring instruments themselves and create music.

Letter writing: Encourage your participants to sign and/or write letters to government officials to formally adopt the 350 ppm CO2 target.

Film Festival: Film is a powerful medium and a great way to inspire people to take action! Introduce sensitive issues, tell powerful stories of those making a difference and provide solutions to our climate crisis in a fun and captivating way. The Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival out of Nevada City, CA offers a turn-key program that makes it easy and affordable for communities to “host a tour” venue. Find out more at and click “On Tour.” Or call 530-582-5334.