Saturday, August 15, 2009

ECOnsciously Living

A green guide to everything you want to know about natural living in your neighborhood.

Our mission is finding a natural approach to everyday living, committed to educating our community on sustainably and responsibility to our planet and future generations, because we know every bit counts.

Why should I go green?

by Crystal Dray

It’s too difficult and disrupts my life- If you make gradual changes you will form habits and being green becomes second nature. You will end up saving more time and money than you ever thought possible.

Earth-Friendly products are too hard to find and are too expensive- It is becoming easier to find Eco-friendly products and with higher demand our prices will continue to fall.

Living green means living a less comfortable and convenient life- Not really, you get rid of unnecessary purchases and clutter to live a more fulfilled existence with a green lifestyle.

Nothing I do really makes a difference- Are you kidding! Everything you do good and bad impacts the planet and making even small changes can have a positive impact on your current life and the planet.

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Eco Living: Keep it simple Tips

Everything you bring home you has to maintain a purpose otherwise it becomes unmanageable clutter that can quickly overwhelm you. Lose the clutter and improve your life. The average U.S. home is larger than years past while families are getting smaller.

  • Kitchen - rinse your dishes immediately saving time and energy.
  • Shopping- local shops use beautiful packaging to promote their brand and give it that extra touch; carefully unwrap your purchase and reuse the packaging on gifts.
  • Labeling - a label maker is a great invention, they help you organize everything which really helps guests and husbands find just about anything.
The Benefits

Not having to scramble around to clean for guest allows you to be more hospitable. Take time to make tea or coffee, light candles and prepare snacks.

You’ll find a new purpose and be able to nature yourself instead of your selfish wants. Begin building on your deepest values and set intentions.

  • Living Green is taking every day actions that have a positive impact on the environment.
  • Being Green will take you to a level of understanding on everything- human beings, animals and nature, you’ll find yourself more connected with all of it.