Thursday, August 27, 2009

Eco City in Hamburg

Known as the 'German Venice', the port city of Hamburg is rapidly developing beyond its maritime history. Within the past few years Harburg has experienced major advancements in commercial and residential growth, cultivating multifarious layers of enriching diversity. The Eco‑City project proposes to not only enhance Harburg's current progression, but to set a new standard for 'environmentally forward construction'.

Eco City is sustainable, and environmentally responsible. It does not exploit or soil nature but co-exists with it in harmony. This is guaranteed through the implementation of the newest technologies such as wind turbines on site, solar energy, recyclable materials, green roofs.

Eco City offers a rich mix of classic industry architecture, lovingly restored harbor buildings, and modern architectur design, satisfying all demands for an upscale working environment. Larger spaces can be divided starting with 250 qm per office. Storage space can be taylored to individual needs, always in accordance with Eco City's general concept and design.

Eco City's organic energy concept aims for self‑sufficiency, creating the smallest possible ecological footprint. It is a self‑sustaining place that does not exploit, or pollute the environment but aims to co‑exists in harmony with its surroundings. This is guaranteed by the implemtation of 21st century technologies such as:

WIND TURBINES - Iconic wind turbines tower over the site, generating the bulk of Eco City's electricity. Smaller vertical wind turbines are distributed across the site, further providing emission free renewable energy.

SOLAR ENERGY - Solar water heating will be used to offset the use of natural gas. Site lighting will be powered by solar technology.

GREEN ROOFS - The majority of all visible roofs will be green and planted with ample trees and flower beds, providing areas for walking, relaxation, cafe spaces etc. They will help slow down the run off of storm water from the site and will avoid overburdening the municipal storm water system as well as significantly reduce the heat island effect of Eco City.

MATERIALS - The project will utilize environmentally friendly materials which will help promote a healthy indoor building atmosphere. Passive design techniques and efficient facade and building design will reduce energy consumption by 30%.

The combination of alternative energy concept, engineering of the future and innovative architecture elevates Eco City to a new standard for an environment-friendly work atmosphere within high tech surroundings. This is tomorrow's urban development: sophisticated, down to earth, and easy to use. Good for the people, healthy for the community, friendly to the planet.

From Green Stories