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Greening Our Schools — Transformative Education for Sustainability

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GreenHearted.org is a primer
on transformative education for sustainability.... Here you will find what you'll need in order to genuinely green
  • your classroom,

  • your curriculum,

  • your students' learning,

  • your school community,

  • and your life's work as a teacher.
It's all here, for the sake of all the children, of all species.

Nature as Teacher...
You care about children, so your reaction to everything you've been hearing and learning about climate change and other global issues is natural, and heartfelt. And because you care about kids, you care about their future, and the future of their planet.

Nature as Teacher...

Education for sustainability makes sense to you because you don't want to teach for UNsustainability. But where to start?

Right here! You'll find answers, ideas, support — some online professional development — for greening your teaching.

GreenHeart Education gives you a starting place and a simple yet transformative model of education for sustainability.

Here's what you'll find on this website:

  • the rationale for transforming our teaching to safeguard the future

  • a research-based curriculum model for greening preschool to secondary school education

  • simple transformative tools for making education part of the solution, starting today

  • answers to your concerns about transformative education for sustainability and curriculum alignment

  • ideas for greening your classroom and school facilities

  • ways to encourage your school community to go green
    (including colleagues, administrators, staff, students, parents, visitors)
And if you have questions or concerns, or ideas you'd like to share, please contact us.

Even if you're not a teacher but simply a member of the human family who wants to put sustainability into action, you'll find here lots of beyond-the-usual ideas for greening your world and worldview, as well as support for advocating a transformation to sustainability-centered education.

If you care about the future of our species, our home planet, and the rest of life on Earth, then we're kindred spirits.

Teaching for a healthy, green future — that's what education for sustainability is — shouldn't be lonely and difficult, but it can be. Often, it takes courage and support to walk your own green path—to create your own gift to the future. GreenHeart can give you that support and encouragement. We've been working at "greening the heart of education" for almost 25 years.

This is Education for Sustainability

This is Education for Sustainability
Two of my favourite kids in a field of mustard, near our Pizza Garden
(Thanks to Wendi for these beautiful photos
of some of my students.)

Click on one of the tabs in the navigation bar
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to get started on this transformative journey that is greening the heart of education....

GreenHearted BlogCompassionate Climate Action
Share our experiences in transformative sustainability education and climate change activism pre-Copenhagen this December. Visit http://www.greenhearted.org/environmental-education-blog.html for more.

Climate Change Primer
This climate change primer gives teachers what they need to know about global climate change, and offers resources for teaching it.

School Greening
School greening means transforming your students' education, making sustainability the focus of curriculum and professional development, facilities and operations, and organizational behaviour.

Greening the Curriculum
Greening the curriculum (using this green curriculum model) creates graduates for the 21st century

Greening School Facilities
Greening school facilities is imperative because our students learn what they live. They should spend their learning time surrounded by energy efficiency indoors and naturalized playgrounds outdoors.

Greening School Behaviour and Attitudes = Greening Our Ethic
Greening school behaviour means applying an environmental / sustainability ethic to all decisions we make within our school community.

Reasons for Greening Your Teaching
Educators who want to green their teaching need a transformative rationale to help them get "outside the curriculum box." Here are several reasons for greening your teaching.

Integration as an Ecological Teaching Tool
Integration of sustainability learning into the rest of the curriculum is an ecological teaching tool that counters the dangers of reductionism.

Transformative Tools for Sustainability Education
A paper on transformative tools for sustainability education, presented by Julie Johnston at the World Environmental Education Congress in Durban, South Africa, July 2007

Transformative Nature Study
Transformative Nature study is experiential learning about organisms and natural objects, especially their origins and interrelationships, that helps students make friends with the rest of Nature.

School Gardens
School gardens are a great way to use the schoolyard as a classroom, reconnect students with the natural world, and teach them valuable food production skills that integrate with several subjects.

Barriers to Environmental Learning and Action
The many barriers that keep adults from environmental learning and action can be categorized as cultural, psychosocial, adult learning, and environmental adult education barriers.

Enticements to Sustainability and Environmental Learning and Action
Enticements to sustainability are the cultural, psychosocial and educational ways to inspire and motivate environmental learning and action.

References for Barriers and Enticements to Environmental Learning and Action
A list of the references for a literature review on barriers and enticements to environmental learning and action, as part of a master's degree in (environmental) adult education.

The Future Generations Party - An Economic and Political Solution
Educational solutions to the sustainability crisis are important, but not enough. Our economic system needs transforming, and our political systems need to be reminded that future generations matter.

Sustainable Family Development - Helping Families Go Green
So many environmental efforts are aimed at individuals, but isn't the family a primary unit of change in our society? Sustainable family development helps families develop "green" competencies.

Greening Homeschooling
Greening homeschooling means allowing Nature to be a teacher in your child's education.

Friday Fun with Nature
Friday Fun with Nature will collect heartwarming animal and other nature stories from the worldwide web.

Saying Grace Together
Saying grace together at mealtimes is an excellent way to "practise gratitude" and grow closer together as a family, in a way that teaches children where their food comes from.

Prayers for the Earth
Prayers for the Earth is a collection of graces and prayers from different cultures and religions around the world.

About Us
GreenHeart Education is Julie Johnston and Peter Carter, a teacher and a doctor, who together have over 35 years experience in the environmental / sustainability field.

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