Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Leadership for Healthy Communities Action Strategies Toolkit

The policy options and resources within the Leadership for Healthy Communities Action Strategies Toolkit represent a collection of current best approaches that have been identified, evaluated and selected by Leadership for Healthy Communities and the 11 policy-maker organizations participating in the program.

Most of the policy options were reviewed based on a scan of more than 100 research articles that linked specific policy actions to positive outcomes in healthy eating and physical activity behaviors, with a focus on research in vulnerable communities. In addition, recognizing that states and municipalities are offering new and innovative solutions to childhood obesity prevention on a continuous basis, we also have included promising practices that Leadership for Healthy Communities and its program grantees believe to be important approaches to childhood obesity prevention.

Each section includes targeted strategies, stakeholders, policy and program options, directions on how to start programs, resources that can help inform the process, and examples of how other states and localities have achieved progress.

Action Strategies for Healty Communities Toolkit


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Resource: http://www.leadershipforhealthycommunities.org/content/view/352/154/