Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chiapas, traditional medicine and food, defense of community land

Dear friends,

Do you know any people or organizations that are into: defense of community land against governments and corporations; traditional health care; food sovereignty in tropical areas?

Chiapas has some rainforest left and here we have a conflict between the government on the one side who wants to drive out the local people to keep the forest intact and attractive for investors in biotechnology, ecotourism etc. and the locals, mainly indigenous people on the other side who want to stay and make a living from the forest or from the land. The government has been expropriating land and evicting communities in the last years. The communities would like to conserve their resources and share their natural wealth with the rest of the world. In October they are going to hold a meeting where the locals want to exchange among themselves and with organizations from Mexico and the rest of the world to strengthen their independent development process. The focus for this meeting is traditional medicine and food, but the context of defending the land and connecting with actors worldwide are very important.

I would like to ask for your help in identifying organizations and persons in other countries who would be interested in connecting with this process in Chiapas or can share relevant experiences.

best wishes,

the world wide community of friendly people