Monday, October 27, 2008

Vision of a Future by Design

A comprehensive plans to redesign the world - see more

Jacque Fresco is a genius, architect, engineer, designer of cities and transportation modes, inventor, economist, philosopher and futurist.

"Fantastic!! Brillant ideas and concepts. Great visionary!"

"Wonderful! Reminds me of Star Trek where there is no money. Everybody works at what they are good at and no one is starving, no one is homeless, and everyone who is able contributes to society. No one is profiting at someone else's expense. Dreamy!"

Jaques Fresco is a Futurist who is trying to create a new world that is NOT based on money, materialism, politcal and other institutional heirarchies and social stratification, but one that's based on love and balance with the individual and nature.

Future by Design I (highly recommended!!!)

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