Thursday, October 30, 2008

Celestopea: Gateway to a Sustainable Future

Imagine a Place...

Imagine a place...

A beautiful, self-sufficient, sustainable eco-community, floating serenely upon the sea, birthed with love by its citizens, and bound by a common vision of the greatness the human race can become, with a common passion to live the vision

Imagine a place...

Where you are surrounded everyday by positive, inspiring friends, who love and support you for who you are, who share your values, and work and live in harmony - ever seeking friendships founded in respect and held in love; friendships and relationships to last a lifetime and beyond.

Imagine a place...

Where you live in a garden of delight, with tall, shading palm groves standing sentinel over white sand beaches, and a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds growing both wild and on sustainable, organic farms. A place where a walk anywhere is an adventure of sight and sound, past cascading waterfalls and idyllic pools, flocks of brightly colored birds and endless ocean vistas.

Imagine a place...

Where the daily grind- needing to make money and pay the not even part of the equation, but the warmth and comfort of home, family and community, and the time and encouragement to let your creative and inventive talents

Imagine a place...

Where the keys to vibrant health and longevity are taught in both school and home, and community members are the healthiest, most illness and disease-free people on the planet.

Imagine a place...

Where education is valued in every variety and subject: from astronomy to organic gardening, from metaphysics to herbal medicine, and the opportunity to continue learning and expanding knowledge in all areas is not only encouraged, but free for life, and limited only by your personal desire and interest.

Imagine a place...

Where daily chores are shared by many, giving each individual more time for personal development, reflection and pursuit of their creative passions from art, to music, to dance, to writing, to inventions and everything else under the sun!

Imagine a place...

Where people can come from different cultures, have different skin colors, and different religious beliefs, but all live in harmony, with respect and deference to one another, united more by the things they have in common than divided by their differences.

Imagine a place...

Where living in harmony with the earth as a grateful steward, dedicated to preserving and enhancing the life of all people and creatures is a common aspiration and dedication.

Imagine a place...called Celestopea

Celestopea is your passport to a vibrant world of health, peace and prosperity. We are dedicated to helping people from all walks of life and cultures to have the opportunity to live and raise their families in sustainable, eco-friendly communities on both land and sea, where people are friends, united by common goals and principles of living.

Intentional communities, where natural health and quality education for everyone are important goals, and organic gardening, alternative healing, artistic expression, and earth stewardship are the normal way of life. On this site you will find the resources to make this dream reality.

Are you interested in learning how to build or live in a quality, affordable home made with alternative construction methods such as a monolithic dome, straw bale, cob, or for the adventurous, a floating Sea Dome home? Would you like to learn how to get off the grid and light and power your home by solar, wind, hydro or tidal power? Are you interested in free and inexpensive things you can do right now that are big gas savers? Please explore our site and you can begin to find out how all these things are available to you today.

Are you ready to make the leap and "eat to live" rather than "live to eat?" Would you like a dependable free resource for healthy, organic recipes, raw and living foods, gourmet vegetarian recipes and other tools and information to help you live a healthy lifestyle? You'll find it here, at Celestopea.

Would your creative and artistic talents blossom in a loving, co-operative, spiritual and encouraging community? Art is the heart of Celestopea.

Do you feel that being a good steward of our beautiful planet and all the life upon it should be more than a noble ideal, and needs to also be demonstrated by our everyday actions? Welcome home to Celestopea.

If these themes resonate with you... then welcome to the world of Celestopea... your portal to a sustainable, abundant and fulfilling future.

Celestopea is dedicated to creating eco-friendly, sustainable, spiritual, communities on land and sea. Havens of peace and prosperity for artists, earth stewards and their families. Anyone interested in intentional communities, organic gardening, off the grid alternative energy, earth stewardship, permaculture, alternative construction methods, raw living foods diets and alternative healing methods, will find the resources and information on Celestopea to help them realize the full potential of the future, today!

The world is diverging on two paths; one sees violence, extremism and intolerance as the answer. The other sees peace, coexistence and respect for those who are different as a better choice, and that is the one we embrace and promote on our web site, coupled with a strong sense of earth stewardship. If you resonate with our vision, please come in and enjoy this deep and varied site. It was made for you.

Celestopea is inspired by the ideals and principles taught in the Church of Celestine Light.

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