Wednesday, October 1, 2008

E-learning for Sustainability

The Virtual Campus for a Sustainable Europe

This is the focal point of the “Virtual Campus for a Sustainable Europe” (VCSE) Project, co-financed under the eLearning 2006 Program (2007-2009), European Commission, DG Education and Culture, Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).

The VCSE-partners -the University of Macedonia (GR), the Open University of the Netherlands (NL), the University of Graz (AT), the University of Lüneburg (DE), the Charles University in Prague (CZ)- have joint their extensive know-how and comprehensive technical expertise in order to promote the practice of “e-learning” for sustainability issues at a wider audience among other European Higher Academic Institutes, stakeholders and decision-makers.

The main anticipated results of the "Virtual Campus for a Sustainable Europe" Project are:

  • Setting up a "Virtual Campus for a Sustainable Europe";
  • Virtual mobility between students, technical and academic staff of partners’ universities;
  • Virtual mobility between local "actors" on sustainability issues (local/regional "e-learning networks");
  • Information dissemination and sensitization of general public by the partners’ universities;
  • Physical mobility between technical, academic staff of partners’ universities and local "actors" during the "European Summer School for a Sustainable Future";
  • Enlargement of VSCE from 5 to 15 universities
  • Dissemination of VSCE-model to 20 universities;
  • Committed decision makers and staff / practitioners to establish virtual campuses at their institutions

Our ambition is that the "Virtual Campus for a Sustainable Europe" Network will expand further, in order to possess the technical and thematic know-how both on e-learning and sustainable education, the financial capacity and the power of decision to proceed with the establishment of an actual knowledge-based society for a sustainable Europe.