Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Strategy for Environmental Education for Sustainability in Mexico

Book review from Unai Sacona

National Strategy 2006-2014

The document collect the main objectives and strategies that national authorities will developed during the next years in order to improve the Sustainability in Mexico through Environmental Education. I want to share the document, because Mexico is one of the first countries, at national level, in elaborate a strategy on the UNDESD framework. The document is very interesting and I think it´s available on line but maybe it is just in Spanish.

Mission: To establish public policies in environmental education for sustainability at national and local level that will foster the construction of an environmental culture, improve the quality of life, strengthen citizenship and the country’s many cultural identities, and protect ecosystems and their biodiversity.

Strategic objectives:

1. To consolidate environmental education for sustainability as a public policy based on specific legislation and mainstreamed in other related fields, on solid governmental and civic institutions, on significant financial resources earmarked for important programs and project that aim for the construction of an environmental culture in Mexico.

2. To create a broad of environmental education and capacity building alternatives that will provide the country and its different areas with environmental educators responding to environment demands for the construction of sustainability and critical activities.

3. To have frameworks, at different levels, for the development of environmental education for sustainability.

4. To consolidate the Environmental Education as field of knowledge through programs to systematize and evaluate practices, foster educational innovations, training researchers, and create mechanisms for articulating, communicating, etc.

The strategy and the main objectives of the strategy sounds really great, but until now that´s just paper. The Sustainable are in the National Strategy Plan as a main goal for the country for the next 6 years, but the specific plan are not ready yet, during the next months we will know what exactly the government are going to develop in order to achieve the goal.

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