Sunday, October 28, 2007

If we hold on together

These come via Tuco Rides - A cyclist and vegetarian willing to do some fairly crazy stuff to save a few polar bears.

1. Photographer Norbert Rosing planned to take some sunset photos of a group of sled dogs near Churchill, Manitoba, in northern Canada on the Hudson Bay, when from stage left comes a 1200 pound polar bear.


2. The dogs' owner thinks he's just about to lose his pack. The dogs, though, don't growl, but crouch down and bark and wag their tails as though they want to play.


3. The polar bear thinks, yeah, I want to play, too!


4. And it turns out that you don't have to weigh less than a thousand pounds to be gentle.


5. So the dogs say "You should come back and play some more."


6. The polar bear does. He comes back several times during the course of the next week to roughhouse with his little friends.


It's pretty wonderful, this planet we've been given to live on. Need I say more?

Link: No Impact Man