Monday, October 22, 2007

Living Values Education

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Young people around the world are increasingly affected by violence, social problems, and a lack of respect for each other and the world around them. Parents, educators and concerned citizens in many countries are asking for help to turn around this alarming trend. Many of them believe that part of the solution is an emphasis on teaching values.

We must not just educate our children and youth "to know" and "to do", we must also educate them "to be" and "to live together". Quality education recognizes the whole person and promotes education that involves the affective domain as well as the cognitive. Values such as peace, love, respect, tolerance, cooperation and freedom, are cherished and aspired for the world over. Such values are the sustaining force of human society and progress. What children and youth learn is later woven into the fabric of society and so education must have positive values at its heart and the resulting expression of them as its aim if we are to seek to create a better world for all.

Living Values Statements

The call for values is currently echoing throughout every land ...
Frow Steeman

The call for values is currently echoing throughout every land, as educators, parents and even children are increasingly concerned about and affected by violence, growing social problems, and the lack of social cohesion. Educators are, once again, asked to address problems which have arisen within their societies.

Living Values Education (LVE) is a values education program. It offers a variety of experiential values activities and practical methodologies to teachers and facilitators to enable children and young adults to explore and develop 12 key personal and social values:

LVE also contains special modules for use by parents and caregivers, as well as by refugees. The Refugees Module is specifically for children-affected-by-war.

Values in Focus