Sunday, October 31, 2010

Earth Charter + 10 celebrations in INDIA!

Over the ten years since its formal launch in 2000, the Earth Charter has gained recognition as a global consensus on the meaning of sustainability, the challenge and vision of sustainable development, and the principles by which sustainable development is to be achieved. It is today accepted that there are many dimensions to the concept of sustainability, all of which need to be supported by an underlying ethical framework.

The Earth Charter has been an important guiding influence on the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. As we approach the end of the decade in 2014, the Earth Charter’s vision of “a global society founded on a shared ethical framework that includes respect and care for the community of life, ecological integrity, universal human rights, respect for diversity, economic justice, democracy, and a culture of peace” is more relevant and inspirational than ever before.

The Conference will set the context for evolving appropriate techniques, processes and indicators relating to the application of the EC framework and principles within the larger canvas of Education for Sustainable Development by reviewing and strengthening these principles and values. It will specifically identify the different areas of life and work across different sectors from international organizations and business enterprises to formal education with which such principles resonate.

A major focus of this conference is to explore the meaning of sustainable development and education for sustainable development through the lens of the Earth Charter, drawing on the experiences of a range of Earth Charter and other educators and activists

Thematic workshops at the conference will focus on the sustainability challenges faced by various sectors and how using the Earth Charter can help accelerate our much needed transition to a just, sustainable and peaceful future. Participants will explore how Earth Charter education for sustainable ways of living can help realize and deepen the emerging understanding of ESD in the context of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. Each workshop will include case studies of projects using the Earth Charter or other initiatives that combine values with sustainability.

Each workshop will involve

• Sharing of experiences and good practices.
• Exploring and clarifying how the Earth Charter as an ethical framework and guide to action can be used most effectively in each area.
• Exploring ways to develop the resources and tools needed to support EC activities in each area.
• Strengthen partnerships with the EC
• Capture the spirit of the events related to EC + 10 and to use the ideas to discuss and launch the vision for the EC for the next decade (2011-2020) 

A summary of the discussion at the workshops will be posted on the Conference website each day. Each workshop will come up with a final report on day three.The report will include a road map for the future and a set of recommendations for the Rio plus 20 Conference proposed in Brazil 2012, the end of the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD) Conference in Japan in 2014, as well as for the next decade of the Earth Charter 2010 - 2020.