Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Climate Change Resources

A Way Forward: Facing Climate Change
This short documentary film from National Geographic and the United Nations Foundation explores the global impact of climate change and its devastating effects, as well as the actions scientists suggest we take in response.
ACT GREEN! - Kids Tackle Climate Change
ACT GREEN! is a fun, educational website designed by Scholastic to motivate and empower kids to take action at school, at home and in their community to preserve the environment. This multi-media website provides kids, parents and teachers with customized green plans, expert tips, inspiring green short films provided by Live Earth and a "Greenroom" to share ideas with other kids.
Alliance for Climate Education
Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) is dedicated to educating America's high school students about the science behind climate change and inspiring them to do something about it - while having fun along the way. ACE educators visit high schools around the country to give students the scientific skinny on climate change through a fun and festive multimedia presentation. After the assembly, ACE will help students start Action Teams to take on projects in their community and school to lower their emissions and raise their voice.
ClimateChangeEducation.org is a portal website that offers links to other webpages, projects, resources, curricula, videos and conferences all centered around climate change. The website offers a page of resources specifically for K-12 schools. A sister website for kids, GlobalWarmingKids.net, provides links to clubs, groups, games, projects, events and more.
Climate Change Kids
Climate Change Kids, created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is an online climate change encyclopedia for kids. In addition to easy-to-understand, scientifically accurate information about climate change, the site offers a climate change calculator, games and links to other websites for more information.
Climate Change Solutions Campaign
Earth Day Network's Climate Change Solutions Campaign is a three year global campaign to educate and motivate all levels of the global community, including K-12 and college students, governments, corporations and religious institutions. The website offers links to general resources on climate change as well as resources specifically targeted to kids.
Climate Change: The Threat to Life and a New Energy Future
A companion piece to the exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, this website contains accurate information on the history and science behind climate change, as well as solutions to help combat its effects. The website also includes a climate change blog and resources for both educators and kids.
Climate Classroom
This site, created by the National Wildlife Federation, offers tools for kids and adults, including fun, interactive games, lesson plans, quizzes and activities. The site also provides information to help teachers and parents talk to young people about climate change.
Climate Resources
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Ocean Service Education program offers this page of climate change resources, including fact sheets, lesson plans, case studies and links. The site also provides information on the Climate Change Educator Conferences with archived videos. The site was developed in partnership with the National Science Teachers Association.
Cool School Challenge
Designed for grades 7-12, the Cool School Challenge is an online toolkit that engages students and teachers in practical strategies to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions schoolwide. Through improved energy efficiency, reduced consumption, increased recycling and changes in transportation behaviors, participants learn how simple actions, taken together, can create a climate of change.
Create a New Climate for Action
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Children's Health Protection and Environmental Education has launched a campaign to educate middle and high school students about climate change, its effects on children's health and actions teens can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and become Climate Ambassadors in their communities. Encourage your students to join with other teens to green the energy scene and make a difference to the planet, children's health and the future.
Earth Gauge
Earth Gauge® is a free environmental information service for broadcast meteorologists based on the 3-5 day forecast. The service is designed to make it easy to talk about the links between weather and the environment with simple facts and viewer action tips. The Climate Resource Library includes tips, fact sheets and news stories regarding climate change that are science-based and appropriate for use in the classroom.
Ecological Impacts of Climate Change
This booklet is based on Ecological Impacts of Climate Change (2009), a report by an independent panel of experts convened by the National Research Council. It explains general themes about the ecological consequences of climate change and identifies examples of ecological changes across the U.S. The booklet can be downloaded as a PDF and printed.
Global Warming 101
Global Warming 101, an initiative of the Will Steger Foundation, raises broad public awareness about global warming as witnessed through Will Steger's polar expeditions
. The website provides edcuational resources for educators including curricula and professional development opportunities. 
Global Warming - Kids Page
To help kids better understand global warming, the Pew Center recently collaborated with Nickelodeon to research children's and parents' attitudes and behaviors toward the environment. The website provides answers to six key questions about global warming, how it occurs and how kids can help to stop the process.
The Jewish National Fund's GoNeutral program helps participants diminish their ecological footprint by planting trees in Israel. GoNeutral credits can also be used to help fund environmental programs that halt desertification, boost water supplies through reservoirs and waste water reclamation, grow crops efficiently in the desert and create green "lungs" around urban areas. The program has groups for Middle and High School students who are interested in getting involved in activities that make a difference in the global environment.
Greenhouse Gases, Climate Change, and Energy
This brochure, created by the Energy Information Administration breaks down the science behind greenhouse gas emissions and their effect on climate change. The brochure can be downloaded as a PDF and printed.
Journey North
Journey North enables students in thousands of schools to track the seasons on a real-time basis. Students monitor migration patterns, plant budding, seasonal changes in sunlight, temperature patterns and other natural events. They share their local observations with classmates across North America and analyze current and long-term data from other classrooms and professional scientists. As they do so, participants are better prepared to recognize indicators of climate change and consider its implications.
Kid's Crossing: Living in the Greenhouse
Operated by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, Living in the Greenhouse provides a wealth of information about the global climate. Students can explore how Earth's cycles affect climate, the greenhouse effect and greenhouse gases, ancient climate changes and climate events and news.
Lick Global Warming
Lick Global Warming: A Campaign to Fight Global Warming is a joint effort by Dave Matthews Band, Ben & Jerry's and SaveOurEnvironment.org. The website offers a host of fun, interactive games and activities that help educate users on global climate change. The site also offers an interactive map and guide that explain global warming and its effects.
Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign
Created by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Plant for the Planet seeks to plant seven billon trees by the end of 2009 in an effort to offset energy usage and slow global warming. The program provides information on how to plant trees and encourage schools, businesses and community groups around the world to take part in the pledge.
Take Aim at Climate Change
This environmentally-minded music video, featuring the artists Rhythm, Rhyme, Results, Tommy Boots and Jené, imparts climate change information with a beat, making sure to empower its viewers at the end with simple ways they can make a difference. The video was developed with the support of NASA, the National Science Foundation and Passport to Knowledge.
Time for Kids: Global Warming
Time Magazine's website for kids features news stories, games, a Q&A and an emailbag, all designed to help kids better understand the issue of climate change.