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City Cluster Development: Toward an Urban-Led Development Strategy for Asia

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ISBN: 978-971-561-697-3
Publication Date: August 2008
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Planning for development in rapidly urbanizing Asia requires a fresh look. This book analyzes emerging urbanization patterns and explores the potential of city cluster development in Asia. City cluster development takes into account the provision of infrastructure and services in connection with spark potentials of economic growth and dispenses with the urban–rural dichotomy of traditional development planning, recognizing that urban centers are not only hubs for economic growth but also service centers for surrounding areas. Based on the review of how city clusters form and develop, this book explores strategic planning framework for city cluster development and includes some cases of possible city cluster development in India.

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Foreword, Acknowledgments, Abbreviations, Executive Summary, Contents [ PDF: 78kb | 7 pages ]

Background [ PDF: 95kb | 5 pages ]

City Cluster Development [ PDF: 219kb | 13 pages ]

Urban, Urbanization, and City Clusters
Views on the Role of Urbanization in Development
Beneficial Aspects of Clustered Urbanization

City Cluster Development in Asia [ PDF: 357kb | 15 pages ]

Urban Corridors
Megacity-Dominated Clusters
Subnational City Clusters
Transborder City Clusters
Special Economic Zones and Other Enclaves by Distinctive Functions

A Strategic Framework for City Cluster Development [ PDF: 181kb | 23 pages ]

Barriers to City Cluster Development and Measures to Mitigate Them
Approaches for Developing City Clusters

A Road Map for Pursuing City Cluster Development Initiatives [ PDF: 96kb | 7 pages ]

Including Urban Sector Initiatives in Country Development Strategies
Identifying Potential Areas for CCD Initiatives
Adopting a Set of Guidelines for Selecting Potential CCD Projects
Seeking and Using Local Expertise
Mobilizing Financial Resources

Conclusions and Recommendations [ PDF: 71kb | 3 pages ]

References [ PDF: 89kb | 5 pages ]

Appendix: City Cluster Development in India [ PDF: 147kb | 20 pages ]

Revitalization of Historic Inner-City Areas in Asia
The Potential for Urban Renewal in Ha Noi, Jakarta, and Manila

Books, Periodicals, Studies, and Reports

ISBN: 978-971-561-762-8
Publication Date: December 2008

Many of Asia's large cities served as centers of trade for centuries. As a result, they possess historic urban cores that initially functioned as these cities? centers of commerce.

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[ PDF: 7,293kb | 220 pages ].
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Foreword, Acknowledgments, and Abbreviations [ PDF: 128kb | 3 pages ]

Summary [ PDF: 168kb | 4 pages ]

I. Introduction [ PDF: 158kb | 2 pages ]

II. Conceptual Framework for Revitalization of Historic Inner-City Areas [ PDF: 341kb | 23 pages ]

III. Urban Revitalization Scenarios: Ha Noi, Jakarta, and Manila [ PDF: 215kb | 14 pages ]

IV. Prospects for Partnerships in Urban Revitalization [ PDF: 168kb | 6 pages ]

Appendix 1 - HaNoi Case Study [ PDF: 1,294kb | 54 pages ]

Appendix 2 - Jakarta Case Study [ PDF: 3,606kb | 58 pages ]

Appendix 3 - Manila Case Study [ PDF: 939kb | 40 pages ]

Appendix 4 - Developing Inner-City Revitalization Projects [ PDF: 496kb | 8 pages ]