Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Plan B 4.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization

Lester R. Brown

Table of Contents

Includes Podcasts of Preface and chapter introductions.

Entire book
Data sets

Preface (pdf) (Listen to Audio)

1. Selling Our Future (pdf)
Introduction (Listen to Audio)
Food: The Weak Link
The Emerging Politics of Food Scarcity
Our Global Ponzi Economy
Mounting Stresses, Failing States
Plan B—A Plan to Save Civilization
Chapter 1 Data (xls) (pdf)


2. Population Pressure: Land and Water (pdf)
Introduction (Listen to Audio)
Civilization’s Foundation Eroding
Water Tables Falling
Farmers Losing Water to Cities
Land and Water Conflicts
Cars and People Compete for Grain
The Rising Tide of Environmental Refugees
Chapter 2 Data (xls) (pdf)

3. Climate Change and the Energy Transition (pdf)
Introduction (Listen to Audio)
Rising Temperature and Its Effects
Melting Ice, Rising Seas
Melting Glaciers, Shrinking Harvests
Rising Temperatures, Falling Yields
The Decline of Oil and Coal
A Challenge Without Precedent
Chapter 3 Data (xls) (pdf)


4. Stabilizing Climate: An Energy Efficiency Revolution (pdf)
Introduction (Listen to Audio)
A Revolution in Lighting Technology
Energy-Efficient Appliances
Zero-Carbon Buildings
Electrifying the Transport System
A New Materials Economy
Smarter Grids, Appliances, and Consumers
The Energy Savings Potential
Chapters 4 and 5 Data (xls) (pdf)

5. Stabilizing Climate: Shifting to Renewable Energy (pdf)
Introduction (Listen to Audio)
Turning to the Wind
Solar Cells and Thermal Collectors
Energy from the Earth
Plant-Based Sources of Energy
Hydropower: Rivers, Tides, and Waves
The World Energy Economy of 2020
Chapters 4 and 5 Data (xls) (pdf)

6. Designing Cities for People (pdf)
Introduction (Listen to Audio)
The Ecology of Cities
Redesigning Urban Transport
The Return of Bicycles
Reducing Urban Water Use
Farming in the City
Upgrading Squatter Settlements
Cities for People
Chapter 6 Data (xls) (pdf)

7. Eradicating Poverty and Stabilizing Population (pdf)
Introduction (Listen to Audio)
Educating Everyone
Toward a Healthy Future
Stabilizing Population
Rescuing Failing States
A Poverty Eradication Agenda and Budget
Chapter 7 Data (xls) (pdf)

8. Restoring the Earth (pdf)
Introduction (Listen to Audio)
Protecting and Restoring Forests
Planting Trees to Sequester Carbon
Conserving and Rebuilding Soils
Regenerating Fisheries
Protecting Plant and Animal Diversity
The Earth Restorationg Budget
Chapter 8 Data (xls) (pdf)

9. Feeding 8 Billion People Well (pdf)
Introduction (Listen to Audio)
Raising Land Productivity
Raising Water Productivity
Producing Protein More Efficiently
The Localization of Agriculture
Strategic Reductions in Demand
Action on Many Fronts
Chapter 9 Data (xls) (pdf)


10. Can We Mobilize Fast Enough? (pdf)
Introduction (Listen to Audio)
Shifting Taxes and Subsidies
Coal: The Beginning of the End
Climate Stabilization Steps
Three Models of Social Change
A Wartime Mobilization
Mobilizing to Save Civilization
What You and I Can Do
Chapter 10 Data (xls) (pdf)

Endnotes (pdf)
Index (pdf)
Acknowledgements & About the Author (pdf)
Plan B 4.0 Data

Time for Plan B: Cutting Carbon Emissions 80 Percent by 2020 (Available in pdf with or without endnotes.)