Friday, October 2, 2009

An Ecology For the Soul

five feather

Sky Art has been around for 3000 years. On the parched desert plains of Peru, giant birds, whales, gods and geometric figures can still be seen etched upon the Earth. Why did the ancients create these geomorphs that only make sense when viewed from the vantage point of clouds and eagles? Why pursue this art form today? Art For the Sky is an application of teachings inspired by the anceints, that help bring us back into right relationship with the Sky, the Earth and one another.

An Ecology For the Soul

1. I n t e n t i o n: Intention is the foundation of all creation. It is the starting point of our thought process in which we formulate what we wish to create. We think about it. We dream about it. Sometimes it helps to create a "future memory". And from those thoughts and feelings we set the universe . . . and our lives . . . in motion. Each sky art creation begins with an intention to make the world a better place for the creature we embody on the field, to awaken our skysight, and begin a new relationship with the sky.

2. S k y - S i g h t: The father of wholistic thinking, Immanuel Kant said: "For peace to reign on Earth humans must evolve into new beings who have learned to see the whole first." This ability to see the whole first, which I believe lies hidden within us, is what Art For the Sky seeks to awaken. I call it our "skysight." Our individual and societal problems may be compared to a sky art image. Both resist understanding from a localizied, ground level perspective, like not being able to see "the forest for the trees". Training our imaginations to awaken our sky sight, to rise above our problems and see the elusive Grand Picture and how each part fits into the whole is a vital skill that can lead us to the most creative solutions. By embodying a bear, a salmon, an eagle, or other creature, we can begin to learn to see through the eyes of all beings and through the eyes of future generations. Crucial decisons affecting the lives of everyone on the planet are made daily under conditions that virtually guarantee failure . . . from a position of a limited viewpoint. This must change! Awakening our Sky-Sight is critical to our survival. Begin HERE!.


3. C o l l a b o r a t i o n: Giving all participants the opportunity to succeed together as ONE in the creation of something magnificent is a wonderful community strengthening experience. Knowing how to be a team player and collaborate is crucial to leading a successful life. When we THINK BIG and collaborate with others we always make the greatest difference. The experience of being a single part of a magnificent whole is a rare and special gift that can serve us our entire lives! Be

4. I m p e r m a n e n c e: Art that leaves no trace is a lesson in impermanence, in understanding that nothing lasts, everything is always changing and we must appreciate each moment as precious. This is how nature works and fighting against it always causes suffering. A saying has developed over time with this art: "Impermanence Rocks!" Children bodily experience impermanence as the image dissolves at the conclusion of each event.

5. G r a t i t u d e: Participants are encouraged to view this fleeting art in the indigenous tradition of "The Giveaway" . . . a gift from hundreds of hearts beating together. . . from Earth to Sky, honoring all the blessings of life on Earth. The experience of BEING the art and then releasing it, is a model of gratitude that is ever lasting. Art For the Sky is a way of showing our thankfullness to The Great Mystery, God, the Creator or however we choose to call that which gives us life.

6. I n t e r c o n n e c t i o n: It is a profound experience to realize we are a very small part of something immense and beautiful. Art For the Sky creates just such an experience and participants discover bodlily that we are indeed all connected as ONE. The actions of each one of us affect the whole . . . and when we work in unity . . . comm-unity . . we can acheive our highest potential. In the giant living painting we create together, everyone is of equal importance and vital to its beauty and "health." This is a perfect metaphor for how nature works. Just as we need each individual for our design to work, in Nature we need ALL the myraid communities and species of nature intact to sustain a healthy planet. What we do to the Earth . . . and Sky . . . we do to ourselves.