Thursday, October 1, 2009

Handbook of Sustainability Literacy

Chapters from the paperback

Introduction. Arran Stibbe and Heather Luna


Part 1: Skills for a changing world

Ecocriticism: the ability to investigate cultural artefacts from an ecological perspective. Greg Garrard

Optimisation: the art of personal sufficiency. John Naish Optimisation
Grounded Economic Awareness: economic awareness grounded in ecological and ethical values. Satish Kumar Kumar

Advertising awareness: the ability to expose advertising discourses that undermine sustainability, and resist them. Arran Stibbe.

Transition Skills: skills for transition to a post fossil-fuel age. Stephen Quilley. Transition Skills
Commons Thinking: the ability to envisage and enable a viable future through connected action. Justin Kenrick. Commons Thinking
Effortless Action: the ability to fulfil human needs effortlessly through working with nature. Ling Feng. Effortless Action
Permaculture Design: designing our lives with nature as the model. Patrick Whitefield Permaculture design
Community Gardening: skills for building community and working within environmental limits. Alma Clavin Community Gardening
Ecological Intelligence: viewing the world relationally. Stephen Sterling Ecological Intelligence
Systems Thinking: the ability to recognize and analyse the inter-connections within and between systems. Glenn Strachan Systems Thinking
Gaia Awareness: awareness of the animate qualities of the earth. Stephan Harding Gaia Awareness
Futures Thinking: the ability to envision scenarios for the future and work towards bringing desirable ones into being. Sue Wayman Futures Thinking
Values Reflection and the Earth Charter: the ability to critique the values of an unsustainable society and consider alternatives. Jeffrey Newman Values
Social Conscience: the ability to reflect on deeply-held opinions about social justice and sustainability. Myshele Goldberg Social Conscience
New Media Literacy: communication skills for sustainability. John Blewitt New Media Literacy
Cultural Literacy: understanding and skills for culturally appropriate communication. Kim Polistina Cultural Literacy
Carbon Capability: understanding, ability and motivation for reducing carbon emissions. Lorraine Whitmarsh, Saffron O’Neill, Gill Seyfang and Irene Lorenzoni Carbon Capability
Greening Business: the ability to drive environmental and sustainability improvements in the workplace. Zoe Robinson Greening Business
Materials Awareness: the ability to expose the hidden impact of materials on sustainability. Melinda Watson Materials Awareness
Appropriate Technology and Appropriate Design: the ability to design systems, technologies and equipment in an appropriate way. Mike Clifford Appropriate Tehnology
Technology Appraisal: the ability to evaluate technological innovations. Gavin Harper Technology Appraisal
Complexity, Systems Thinking and Practice: skills for managing complexity. Dick Morris and Stephen Martin Complexity
Coping with Complexity: the ability to manage complex sustainability problems. Bland Tomkinson Coping with Complexity
Emotional Wellbeing: the ability to research and reflect on the roots of emotional wellbeing. Morgan Phillips Emotional Wellbeing
Experiencing Meaning without Consuming: the ability to experience meaning, purpose and satisfaction through non-material wealth. Paul Maiteny Meaning without Consuming
Being-in-the-World: the ability to think about the self in interconnection and interdependence with the surrounding world. John Danvers Being in the World
Beauty as a Way of Knowing: the redemption of knowing through the experience of beauty. Barry Bignell Beauty as a Way of Knowing

Part 2: Transforming Education for Sustainability Literacy

Citizen Engagement: Geoff Fagan

Citizen Engagement
Re-Educating the Person: Karen Blincoe Re-Educating the person

Institutional Transformation: Anne Phillips

Institutional Change
A Learning Society: Kate Davies A Learning Society

Additional chapters

Social Engagement: the ability to work constructively within and between social groups to create more resilient and sustainable communities. Juliet Millican Social Engagement
Energy Literacy: Understanding and Communicating Energy Issues. Gavin Harper Energy Literacy

The Emerging Paradigm. Geoff Fagan

Emerging Paradigm
Climate Change Awareness: The ability to factor climate change into decision making. Ian Lander and Cathy Green Climate Change Awareness

Interdisciplinary Literacy: The ability to critique disciplinary cultures and work effectively across disciplines. Roland Tormey, Mags Liddy, Deirdre Hogan

Interdisciplinary Literacy
Problem Based Learning: the ability to conduct independent inquiry into real-life issues. Jason Macvaugh Problem Based Learning
Natural Health Awareness: maintaining the health of the planet by maintaining optimum personal health. Jennifer Patterson Health Awareness
Harnessing Information Technology: the ability to identify ways in which it could be used to enhance sustainability. Lisa Payne Information Technology
Critical and Reflective Thinking: the ability to reflect critically on sustainability challenges. Fiona Tilley, Claire Marsh, Lucie Middlemiss and Bradley Parrish Critical Thinking

Sustainability Literacy: two perspectives. Paul Vare & John Blewitt

Two Perspectives


John Blewitt, Director of Lifelong Learning, Aston University

John Blewitt

Mike Clifford, Faculty of Engineering, The University of Nottingham

Mike Clifford

Geoff Fagan, Director CADISPA at the University of Strathclyde

Geoff Fagan
Greg Garrard, Bath Spa University Gregg Garrard
Andy Goldring, Chief Executive Officer, Permaculture Association of Britain Andy Goldring
Gavin Harper, The Centre for Business Relationships, Accountability, Sustainability and Society, Cardiff University Gavin Harper
Stephen Martin, Visiting Professor and Advisor to the Pedagogic Research and Scholarship Institute, University of Gloucestershire Steve Martin
Jennifer Patterson, School of Education and Training, University of Greenwich Jennifer Patterson
Anne Phillips, Director of Schumacher College 1993-2006. Author of Holistic education: learning from Schumacher College Anne Phillips
Wayne Schroeder, Schumacher College Wayne Schroeder
Arran Stibbe, University of Gloucestershire Arran Stibbe
Stephen Sterling, Schumacher Reader in Education for Sustainability Steven Sterling
Professor Daniella Tilbury, University of Gloucestershire Daniella Tilbury
Fiona Tilley, University of Leeds, Sustainability Research Institute Fiona Tilley
Sue Wayman, University College Plymouth, St Mark and St John Susan Wayman
Patrick Whitefield, author of The Earth Care Manual: a permaculture handbook for Britain and other temperate climates Patrick Whitefield