Sunday, February 17, 2008

Training course on sustainable community indicators.

Sustainable Measures has developed a one-day training course on sustainable community indicators. The course can be used by:
  • individuals as a self-directed introductory course,
  • organizations that work with communities on sustainability issues, and
  • community groups that are thinking about starting an indicator project.

  • Course Manual
    The training manual is a complete guide for presenting the course. It contains descriptions of the four sections of the course, as well as detailed descriptions of each slide. Each slide description includes a small-size copy of the slide, a list of points that the presenter should discuss, and background information related to the slide. The manual is designed to be printed; the printed version can then be used by the presenter who is leading the course.
    To download the Course Manual, click here.

  • Course Slides
    The course slides are black-and-white, 8.5 x 11 inch landscape format pages that can be printed and used to make overhead transparencies. While not specifically designed for this purpose, the slides can be used with Acrobat Reader as the basis of a computer-based presentation.
    To download the Course Slides, click here.