Sunday, February 17, 2008

Online course: The Habitable Planet - A Systems Approach to Environmental Science

The Habitable Planet - A Systems Approach To Environmental Science

Course Overview

The Habitable Planet is a multimedia course for high school teachers and adult learners interested in studying environmental science. The Web site provides access to course content and activities developed by leading scientists and researchers in the field.

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  1. unit 1 icon1. Many Planets, One Earth
  2. unit 2 icon2. Atmosphere
  3. unit 3 icon3. Oceans
  4. unit 4 icon4. Ecosystems
  5. unit 5 icon5. Human Population Dynamics
  6. unit 6 icon6. Risk, Exposure, and Health
  7. unit 7 icon7. Agriculture
  1. unit 8 icon8. Water Resources
  2. unit 9 icon9. Biodiversity Decline
  3. unit 10 icon10. Energy Challenges
  4. unit 11 icon11. Atmospheric Pollution
  5. unit 12 icon12. Earth's Changing Climate
  6. unit 13 icon13. Looking Forward: Our Global Experiment

Online Textbook PDFs

The online textbook provides a background to understand and discuss the natural functioning of the different Earth systems; it introduces humans as part of the overall ecosystem and explores what is needed to sustain human life; and it looks at the effects that human actions have on different natural systems. The online textbook also includes full-color images of related figures, glossary terms, and a bibliography for further reading.

Click on the unit titles in the menu to the left to view the Web version of the online textbook, which includes links to related material; or download PDF versions of the chapters below.

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