Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Guides for the Sharing Economy

  • "How To Share" Library - 200+ guides written by expert practitioners and Shareable's writers to make your community, city and your life more fun and shareable.
  • Guide to Sharing - Co-produced by the Center for a New American Dream and Shareable, this guide explores 4 action ideas to make your community more shareable: Organize a Community Swap (clothes), Lend Locally (tool libraries), Share Time, Labor, and Skills (timebanks), and Set Up a Co-op (solar co-ops).
  • New Dream Webinars - Excellent video presentations hosted by Center for a New American with practitioners teaching exciting topics like How to Start a Tool Library and Community Solar 101.
  • Cultivate Coop Library - From starting up to good group process, this site contains your free, complete guide to cooperatives.
  • Transition Online Trainings - Videos on projects and the process of making the transition to a more sharing and sustainable world.
  • Sharing Cities Policy Primer - Shareable and Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC) present Policies for Shareable Cities: A Sharing Economy Policy Primer for Urban Leaders. This 40 page guide curates innovative, high impact policies that US city governments developed to help residents share resources, co-produce, create their own jobs, and share food, housing, and transportation. Available in Korean.
  • Top 10 Things a City Can Do to Become a Shareable City - April Rinne of Collaborative Labs gives advice to local governments on how to support the sharing economy.
  • SELC's Legal Guides - Legal support books on worker cooperatives and food justice enterprises.
  • SELC's Legal Libraries - Extensive legal resources on coops, community currencies, community food, community enterprise, and urban ag.
  • Peers Petitions - Start a campaign for your sharing initiative or policy campaign using Peers free petitions.
  • Join the Sharing Cities Network group to share ideas with other practitioners.
  • Sign up for a OuiShare Knowledge Group (international) to share ideas about specific topics such as money, food, housing, energy, transportation, learning, health, research, policy, etc.
  • Email us your resources to add to this list.
  • Volunteer to help build our resources list or help translate these resources.

Source: http://www.shareable.net/sharing-cities/learn