Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Global Link - Promoting awareness of global issues of justice, development and sustainability

  • Simulation Days
    Global Artist Network
    The Global Artist Network is a directory of artists delivering arts and global dimension activities to schools in the North West. In 2011, Global Link has funding for up to 40 schools who would like a Global artist to deliver workshops in the classroom.
  • Escape to Safety Exhibition
    Escape to Safety exhibition
    Escape to safety is an interactive multimedia exhibition that enables you to experience what it may be like to be a refugee seeking asylum in Britain. There are extra resources availableconnected to the exhibition and about refugee and immigration issues.
  • Trucking with Climate Change exhibition
    Trucking with Climate Change exhibition
    An interactive multi-media installation about climate change. The exhibition explores: the current and future impacts in the UK and around the world; the science of climate change; what we can do to reduce our ecological footprint.
  • Teaching Resources
    Teaching Resources
    Global Link Resources, such as books and teaching materials, which can be used to promote the Global Dimension and other Development Education concepts in the classroom.
  • Simulation Games and Days
    Simulation Days and Games
    We have a number of different days and games used to highlight the Global Dimension including; Refugee simulations in the outdoors, Enrichment Days and UN Summit Simulations exploring the Millennium Development Goals for Citizenship KS2, 3 and 4, Fairtrade simulation games and interactive exhibition on the journey of coffee from producer to consumer.
  • Persona Dolls
    Persona Dolls
    Persona Dolls and their stories are engaging and powerful tools, which can be used for exploring, uncovering and confronting bias with young children. They promote; speaking and listening skills, community cohesion and citizenship, empathy, appreciation of diversity, anti-discriminatory practice and equal opportunities.
  • Philosophy for Children
    Philosophy for Children
    Philosophy for Children, or philosophical enquiry, is a methodology that can be used in any classroom to develop students’ thinking, speaking and listening. It is especially suited to the curriculum dimensions of global citizenship and sustainable development, identity and cultural diversity, creativity and critical thinking.