Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Guide to a Global Climate Deal

The challenge & the opportunity

All the information from this special sub-site on climate is collected in a single simple pocket guide:

Pocket Guide to a Global Climate Deal 1.29 MB pdf

The global community will meet in Copenhagen, Denmark in December 2009 to agree on a new global climate deal aimed at protecting the future of our planet.
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This is the generation that must stop the spread of the pollution that is slowly killing our planet... Rolling back the tide of a warming planet is a responsibility that we have to ourselves, to our children, and all of those who will inherit creation long after we are gone.

Barack Obama, Strasbourg, April 2009

2009 needs to be remembered as the year the world found an answer to climate change.

The year it found the political will to meet the challenge and found hope and opportunity in doing so.

For out of crisis comes opportunity.

And out of the twin perils of financial and climatic crises comes the opportunity to bring the global economy back in line with global ecology.

To put the future development of the world economy – for ALL its citizens – on a sustainable foundation.

THAT is the challenge and the opportunity of 2009.

And in Copenhagen, in early December, 2009, is where we will see if that OPPORTUNITY IS TAKEN.