Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Explore the Global Spirit...

Global Spirit has launched, with weekly episodes on topics such as The Spiritual Quest, The Journey Towards Oneness, Art and the Creative Spirit, Earth Wisdom and more. Each program features in-depth discussions with knowledgeable guests from around the world, together with compelling film segments or live performances.

Global Spirit
will offer insights into some of mankind’s deepest existential questions, tracing our collective human journey in the timeless quest for truth, wisdom and understanding. Each Global Spirit program will highlight the trans-cultural, transcendent dimensions of human inquiry, from the ancient or indigenous wisdom traditions to the latest advances in scientific knowledge. Global Spirit will do for the first time on national television what the Mars Rover did for space: beam back a celestial wonder, a glimmer of what is possible in the realm of human consciousness, spirit and the mind.

Most new episodes will also premiere online weekly.

Explore the joys of “internal travel”. Don't miss Global Spirit. Upcoming episodes include: