Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sustainable Value

Sustainable Value is about integration. Sustainable Value integrates the economic, environmental and social dimension of sustainability. Sustainable Value integrates environmental and social dimensions into financial analysis and investment decision making. And Sustainable Value integrates academic research and real world application.

Researchers and practitioners struggle to integrate all three dimensions of sustainability. We believe that we should learn from the financial markets. Financial Markets value resources that come without a price tag. Sustainable Value builds on decades of this financial markets research to finally assess and manage environmental and social resources similar to economic resources. Using opportunity cost thinking it avoids most problems that have prevented us from truly integrating economic, environmental and social aspects in everyday decision-making.

This website is designed to inform you about our Sustainable Value-approach. At the same time it is an open invitation to contact us to find out more about where we are taking the Sustainable Value-concept.


Senior/Junior Researchers (PostDoc researchers, PhD-students)

Our research in the field of Sustainable Value attracts an increasing number of research projects. It is for this reason that we are looking to recruit new colleagues. At this stage we are looking for additional researchers in the United Kingdom.

Our primary activity is to conduct research projects in the field of Sustainable Value and related fields (Sustainability Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Finance, etc). On a case by case basis we also engage with companies in a research-driven consulting relationship.

In the near future we will continue to conduct more Sustainable Value calculations, we will develop the Sustainable Value concept further and we will carry on with our dissemination activities.

We are looking for senior and junior researchers for our ongoing and future research projects.

Ideally your background is in economics, business studies or management, or environmental sciences with an in-depth knowledge of management. We are looking for colleagues that are passionate about research and are looking for an opportunity to start (junior positions) or further (senior positions) their research profile. Applicants will be entrepreneurially thinking while giving a high priority to the academic quality of their research. Ideally, your mother tongue will be English or German with very good knowledge of the other language.

We offer an inspirational and supportive research environment that emphasizes at the same time autonomy and collegiality and cooperation among its researchers. This is an excellent opportunity, if you are looking for an exciting research environment that is full of opportunities. We are of course paying according to your qualifications, experience and performance and we will of course cover UK student fees for PhD students.

For more information or to apply please contact Frank Figge (figge@sustainablevalue.com, Tel: +44-1309-678113).