Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sustainable Technology Education Project

The Sustainable Technology Education Project (STEP) aims to increase people's awareness of sustainable technology, enabling them to recognise the economic, environmental and social impacts of their own technology choices.


What is sustainability?

Starting with STEP

Teachers' notes


Finding out more

Key Stage 3

- Resistant Materials
Less is More
Reuse it

- Food Technology
Fair Food
Food for Thought

- Textiles Technology
Fair Textiles
Waste to Wear

Case studies
- Food Technology
Honey production
Neater nut processing
Hygienic cheese production
Organic baby food
Yeo Valley organic desserts
- General Interest
Eden Project
Identifying plastics
Degradable rubbish bags
Is your school sustainable?
Smart Cars
Purifying water
Wind power
- Graphic Products
Nut oil extraction for cosmetics
Community radio production
Radio contact
Fair trade moisturiser
Natural Soap
- Resistant Materials
Unique bike design solutions
Multi-purpose bike trailers
Self-build housing
Making traditional musical instruments
Peanut butter milling
Toys from reclaimed materials
Turning tractors into hoes
Energy saving technology
- Systems & Controls
Designing a water-balanced railway
Water - pump as you play!
Heating houses by sunlight
Solar lantern design and production
Inventing the clockwork radio
- Textiles Technology
Eco-friendly fashion
Recycled fleeces
Kente Cloth
Organic cotton to fair trade fashion
The tsetse flytrap


Short focussed activities
These activities tackle different aspects of sustainability and can be used with any of the online casestudies or technology products of the teachers' choice.

  • Is it sustainable?

  • Is it appropriate?

  • Winners and losers

  • Got the message?

  • Design and make activities
    These are five projects that involve the students designing and making a technology product, which tackle different aspects of sustainability.

  • Project One: Live well, live wisely!

  • Project two: Eco-fashion

  • Project three: Eco-foods

  • Project four: Recycling waste

  • Project five: Sustainable gifts
  • It's your world
    This worksheet is to help students see how technology can make their lives more sustainable. It also promotes the idea that they can make positive changes to their local environment.

  • It's your world worksheet