Monday, May 18, 2020

Stories for a Regenerative Culture


“Relation is the essence of everything that exists.”
— Master Eckhart

When we look closer, we discover that Life is an explosion of relation, everywhere around and inside of us. From the biology of our bodies, to insects and plants, communication between trees through mycelium circuits... Relation is in the DNA of Life. Interaction and interdepedancy are part of our essence. We, humans, are in relation with ourselves, others and nature. All our senses, feelings and emotions are potential gateways to connect. These invisible and indivisible bounds relate us to Life at each moment.

In The Great Relation, we wish to share the beauty and mystery of this constant ocean of relation and bring light to creative ways in which Life experiences itself through human beings that are looking for more conscious and regenerative ways to relate to her.

A filmmaking project for a new culture

In these times of great transition, our aim is to communicate meaningful  projects and stories that bring healing and regeneration to the  individual, collective and environmental dimensions of our world.

We are exploring the potential of human beings to create a more conscious and regenerative way of living on this planet. These exploration goes from the design of resilient settlements, like intentional communities and ecovillages, and the discovery of practical ecological solutions, to spirituality and different approaches to relate more consciously with one another, heal our cultural wounds and traumas, and many other topics.

Our dream is to contribute to the flourishment of human consciousness through films that inspire to relate deeper with ourselves, others and nature.

“How do we change the world? Change the story.”
— Charles Eisenstein