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Life Skills Action Charts

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Life Skills Action Charts

Life skills include all those qualities and activities that help us live our lives more fully. Just as there are physical and mental handicaps, it is also easy to observe people who are handicapped because they lack a specific life skill.  Uncontrolled anger, absent-mindedness, overeating, and restlessness are just a few examples of these disabilities. If children are given the chance to develop these skills as part of their education, they will have a better chance of leading a fulfilling, successful life. Since adults, too, can always develop these same skills, you will find a set of adult booklets at the end of the page.
The EFL Life Skills Actions Charts can be used in a wide variety of settings. You are welcome to download any of the forms below, free of charge. If you would like a professionally printed booklet version, see the order page on our website.

We offer an online course designed to help people practice these skills. For more information go to the Practicing Progressive Development page.

The Teacher’s Guide provides suggestions for working with the booklets. We hope you find these materials helpful. For student testimonials see below.

Life Skills: Especially for Young People Ages 7 – 14 (and children of all ages)

Life Skills: Especially for Teens and Adults