Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Guide to Sustainia

"Guide to Sustainia" An outcome of the Project Green Light
This is a book about making what may seem impossible a reality. About creating a better future. We know climate change is real; it changes our planet and seriously affects the people who share it.

Curbing climate change is a real challenge. The Guide to Sustainia sets a new tone in communication about sustainability. Rather than representing a future of sacrifices and restraints, Sustainia shows us how sustainable solutions can contribute to real improvements in people’s lives.

Sustainia is a realistic vision. We hope it will inspire real change. Download “Guide to Sustainia” here.

Please contact Ms Laura Storm on for more information and partner opportunities. If you are interested in ordering a hard copy (20 euros plus VAT), please contact Ms Solvej Karlshøj Christiansen at