Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Youth Leader Card Games

44 amazing young HeroInes on the planet, and their teen-led solutions for positive change, from peace to food, energy, new learning culture, development, shark angels, sacred traditions and incredible new music.
Rules of Play are a mix of Top Trumps, Yu-Gi-Oh! and League of Legends, fit for children and teens - simple, fun, with magical twists, utterly unpredictable and highly educational.
The people are real, the ratings and special effects are genuine aspects of changemaking. On top, each card features their story and video links, for instant viewing on mobile phones.

An powerpack of inspiration and lifelong companion.
Altogether, each deck also is
(1) a book of 44 short stories,
(2) a cinematic experience of the world's most inspirational youth videos,
(3) a unique, memorable initiation to the world of youth leadership,
(4) a ticket to meet HeroInes "live" in webcasts,
(5) a door to a global action community of student clubs,
(6) a seed for cultivating a changemaking climate at school.


"I never knew young people can do this."
"It makes me feel I want to get up,
and do something, too."

"The stuff that makes you say Sign Me Up!"
"A must-have for every kid in the world,
for every home and classroom."
A powerful educational resource. One game in class naturally leads to a Spark Session exercise, initiating the class to the spirit of youth leadership, - using 44 videos, stories, action packs, enabling inspired students to sustain the spirit through year-round HeroIne of the Month exhibits and founding a YL student club - taking action in support of the initiatives and replicating them around them with impact at home and abroad.
These media are available for online viewing, download, in School Packs and in YL Library Packs (on DVD) in up to 19 languages.
The HeroInes are super excited to connect with, empower, equip and support their generation. Make it happen with us! Browse the links on this page for vivid visual impressions.
One deck is $15+shipping. Many options for cheaper bulk orders exist. See below.

1 game is $15 + postage. Go to shop

19 languages available in bulk. 70+ games. Free Fedex delivery.
Arabic, Chinese, English, Filipino, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese

Discounts for School Packs and bulk orders are available here

Would you like an entire generation to grow up with
- constant presence of youth leadership HeroIne role models in class?
- inspired students taking monthly action with the HeroInes as a student club?
- mini-exhibits in class feat. HeroIne of the Month, tuned to current UN theme days?
and more?
Let's set the spark!
Find out more about YL School Packs, Library Packs, and bringing cardgames to 100, even 1,000 classrooms of your city by partnering with philanthropic clubs, sponsors etc.
Find out more and get in touch to UPLIFT YOUR CITY

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