Sunday, June 23, 2013

Scaling up Climate Action in Cities

The World Bank Institute Climate Change Practice (WBICC) has initiated a comprehensive capacity building program on Scaling up Climate Action in Cities. The initiative aims to support the development of sustainable, climate-friendly cities through knowledge services and technical capacity support to urban practitioners on how to develop and finance multi-sector, city-wide climate change action programs.  
It draws on the experience of pioneering efforts, for example the Rio de Janeiro Low Carbon City Development Program (LCCDP) - a comprehensive, cross-sectoral climate change mitigation program at the sub-national level that integrates low carbon concerns into the process of identification, assessment and approval of projects and policies within a developing country city. The program is expected to enable all future decisions in the city to be reviewed through a climate lens. In 2012, the program was certified using a combination of ISO environmental and GHG standards by environmental auditor DNV (Det Norske Veritas). In the initial assessment DNV concludes that if implemented as designed, the Program is likely to contribute to the achievement of Rio de Janeiro's climate change mitigation goals.

This webinar discusses the Scaling up Climate Action in Cities program, and look at the example of Rio LCCDP and how this can be applied to other cities around the world.