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Psychology of Sustainability series on Urban Times

Psychology Of Sustainability

Let's get to the bottom of how our behaviors and related thoughts, whether as an individual or group, directly influence long term sustainability on a scale that includes areas of technology, policy, economics, community, and beyond. Informed by the reasearch publication, The Psychology of Sustainable Behavior, four Urban Times minds from different walks of life come together to think about and engage us in discussion of one of the biggest and most relevant complex issues of our time. Join us and share your own experiences.

Psychology of Sustainability – An Introduction

Sustainability. Everyone has heard the word. It is one of the hot terms of the day. But what does it mean? Here we will explore the subject from all angles, looking for answers to the questions that trouble our world. »
by NICOLAS SAMPSON editor on 19th Sep 2012

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Measuring What Matters: The Happy Planet Index and More

In July of 2006, Nic Marks, the founder of the Centre of Well-Being at the nef (new economics foundation), published a report that quickly went viral. It was called the »

A Macro Perspective on the Psychology of Sustainability: Optimism vs. Realism

All of our individual actions add up to impact the planet on a macro scale. Meanwhile, natural events, policies, philosophies and human nature itself drive behavior at »
6 days ago by RYAN KAPSAR

The Unpredictable Side of Sustainability

In many ways, sustainability is about the long term. It is rarely ever about quick fixes or sudden glimmers of inspiration. However, there are times that a small group of vocal people do some amazing things despite »
by RYAN KAPSAR on 25th Sep 2012
(CDC) Public Health Library and Information Center (PHLIC) in Atlanta, Georgia

Views From Big Windows Affect Small Windows

There are big problems, and then there are BIG problems. Looking around at what we’re doing to our planet, it’s easy to see that we’re now living in the middle of quite a few very big problems. How do we save our »
by CAROLYN BRAJKOVICH on 19th Sep 2012
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I shall refract myself, yes, I shall no longer be known as the prism – Bruce Dickenson

Green Feedback Loop: The People’s Kaleidoscope – Part 1

I shall refract myself, yes, I shall no longer be known as the prism – Bruce Dickenson The kaleidoscope. It is a delightful child’s toy full of fascination and »
by EVE ALLEASE editor on 19th Sep 2012