Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cool Check - A Global Initiative to Change the World


The CoolCheck Project

We are a group of young passionate people who are thrilled to share with you our discovery of Meditating and how it has dramatically improved our lives. We've come together collecting our experiences and efforts for everyone out there to gain from.

So dig deep into the site, engage in knowing more at your own pace, follow guided workshops, get in touch with other people, download podcasts and tune up your day with techniques we've learned to live life.

CoolCheck is us,
it's everything we believe in,
it's everything we do.
We are from all over the world, every place, every culture, and every kind of background, we are united by one core belief – that our world can change, we can change and we will change. 

This lifestyle comes completely and totally from meditation. Sahaja Yoga meditation has brought something incredibly powerful to each and everyone of our lives. Without effort, we have found ourselves more dynamic and active in our world. 

This meditation has done so much for our lives it would be impossible not to share it. And for this reason, and this reason alone, we initiated the CoolCheck project.