Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Education booklets on Sustainable Development

‘Sustainability’ and ‘development’. What do these two often used terms actually mean?
There’s no single answer that everyone will agree on, and these books try to cover the many different aspects of such wide and important topics in a fair and informative way as possible.

For Rio+20 we have developed a series of 6 books covering sustainable human development.
Covering issues to do with development, the economy, the environment, society, human rights and Rio+20 itself.

These are great resources for inputting the issues of today into the classroom, workshop or presentation.
Additionally we would love to hear from you, on how you have used these books to engage and empower youth to be sustainable development leaders; the techniques, the questions and the activities
- Please contact us at rio@peacechild.org and we will feature your work.

Download An Introduction to Sustainable Human Development

Download Sustainable Human Development & Economics

Download Sustainable Human Development & Environment

Download Sustainable Human Development & Society

Download Sustainable Human Development & Human Rights

Download The importance of Rio+20

By Peace Child International
Editor: Steven Heywood
Graphic Designer: Romain Oria
“You are starting out on a journey through life in which, at every single stage, you must defend your own rights and the rights of other young people around the world. If you are reading this – and not having it read to you – you already have more human rights than those who were never taught to read” – Mary Robinson Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights