Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Action for Happiness

 Great Dream 400

These lovely posters have been designed to accompany our Ten Keys to Happier Living.
We hope you like them and that they inpspire you to put the Ten Keys into practice. If so please feel free to share and use them in any way you like: at home, at work, at school, wherever...
Giving 200          Relating 200
Exercising 200          Appreciating 200
Trying Out 200          Direction 200
Resilience 200          Emotion 200
Acceptance 200          Meaning 200

Featured: Be part of something bigger
When we have a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives we tend to be happier, feel more in control, have less anxiety and make more of a difference to others.

This is where it all starts! Small things can cause big positive changes, so choose anaction and make it happen.

Build a positive environment at your workplace
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Do things to help your nearest and dearest thrive
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Connect & spread happiness in your local community
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Be a force for positive change in the world around
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