Wednesday, July 13, 2011

RESOLVE Conference 2011 – Living Sustainably: values, policies and practices

More presentations, audio and video from the conference will be available soon

As the UK continues to grapple with economic ‘austerity’ and the challenge of climate change and to search for more vibrant and more sustainable communities, RESOLVE invited you to a challenging and stimulating one-day event on Living Sustainably. Renowned American academic Juliet Schor (author of The Overspent American and Plenitude) joined Rob Hopkins (inspirational founder of the Transition movement) and Baroness Neuberger (chair of the House of Lords Behaviour Change Inquiry) to discuss key findings from a 5-year ESRC funded Research programme on lifestyles, values and environment (RESOLVE).
Proceedings included keynote speeches, plenary discussions and research presentations on: cultures of consumption; carbon soundings; transition pathways; values and practices; governance and change. A full conference programme can be found below.


Wednesday 15th June 2011 — Mary Ward House, 5-7 Tavistock Place, London WC1H 9SN

Speakers included:

  • Rob Hopkins, Transition Towns, author of The Transition Handbook
  • Tim Jackson, Director of RESOLVE and author of Prosperity without Growth
  • Baroness Julia Neuberger, House of Lords
  • Juliet Schor, Boston College, author of Plenitude
  • RESOLVE researchers on the economic, social, political and cultural dimensions of sustainable living.
The venue was a Grade 1 Listed Building in Bloomsbury, central London, founded by the Victorian social reformer Mary Ward. Mary Ward House is committed to high environmental performance and is a regular host for events on environmental and energy issues.

Parallel Session Presentations

1. Cultures of Consumption: identities, meanings and practices

2. Carbon Soundings: understanding and mapping consumer lifestyles

3. Transitions in Practice: new directions for sustainable living

4. Values and Practices: new evidence, new models

  • Audio

5. Long-Range Views: perspectives on governance and change