Thursday, July 22, 2010

Degrowth Conference Barcelona 2010

From Friday 26 to Monday 29 March 2010 the Second International Degrowth Conference took place at the historic building of ‘Universidad de Barcelona'. 500 scientists, civil society members and practionners from more than 40 countries attended the conference. Here's the list of participants.
NEW! The results of the working groups are now available
We are now gathering all information from the conference. First results from the conference are available at the virtual conference section with poster tours, presentations, videos, etc.
More than 300 participants took part in working groups for degrowth political proposals and research. Stirring papers are available online in each working group section.
Around 80 posters were presented. The poster tour is now online! If your poster is missing please send it to us for uploading.
Around 50 oral presentations were made, you can see some of the slides from speakers here. We are also publishing video-interviews with different speakers recorded during the conference.