Friday, June 25, 2010

Happiness That Doesn’t Cost The Earth

Sieve your memories. Skim your life.
Look back and remember.
What memories are the happiest?
What times are so special they will always last?
What simple things were you doing?

Happiness is a major element in life. It’s what we all crave. That feeling of elation in our everyday existence. A genetic must have.

So much so that we throw time, money and effort in the search for it. The popular ‘100 Things To Do Before You Die’ adventure ideology fashioned in recent times requires all three.  The world economical flop was powered by the boom in house buying as many believed happiness was a home; a bigger or better one. And holidays now have to be far flung and exotic in nature.

In terms of happiness only the best and most expensive will do.
With increased levels in the quality of life we have upped the qualities of happiness to match. As we live longer and have higher standards of living, happiness has gotten elevated too. Simple doesn’t do it now. Oh no. Happiness has become high adrenaline, five star, luxury, and the ‘of a lifetime’  variety.

But take a look back
What happy memory do you cherish most?
What was going on?
How much did it cost? Yet, what was it worth?

Simple Happiness
Happiness at it’s core is simple. It involves people we love doing simple things together. Connecting, loving, enjoying, playing, laughing and having fun. With those who matter. With us right there at the heart of it.

Remember those days?

Very little was required. Perhaps some or all of these:
  • Family – as many or all generations as possible
  • Play - games, pretend, parties
  • Adults having fun with us – Dad acting silly in the paddling pool, Grandma making a sandcastle
  • Little trips – walks in the park, swimming, seaside day visits, weekends with cousins
  • Togetherness – everyone laughing, having fun, loving each other being there
  • Any weather – kicking leaves in autumn, summer garden afternoons, snowball fights in wintertime
Happiness used to be simple togetherness with a basic activity. People reveling in each others company with something simple going on in the background. That puts everyone in one place to be with each other. To share. To laugh. To talk and feel close. To love.

Don’t lose that happiness.

True happiness doesn’t cost the earth.

It has no price tag. No first class accommodation. No being bought or mortgaged. Nothing expensive or extravagant.

It’s ordinary. Backyard stuff. With the folks. Everyone there and everything going on. Games and smiles and priceless times.

Bring it back in your life with those around you today. Those memories you adore are the ones you create for yourself and your family and friends today. It’s your turn now.

Bring back real happiness.  Happiness others will cherish all their life. Like you do.

It doesn’t cost the earth but it will mean the world