Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Planning for Climate Change in the West (Policy Focus Report)

Author(s): Carter, Rebecca and Susan Culp
Publication Date: January 2010
6 pages; Inventory ID PF024; English; Paperback; ISBN 978-1-55844-203-0
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Planning for climate change in the West requires an understanding of local political and cultural conditions. Local officials engaged in planning for climate change must focus on the economic savings of mitigating and adapting to climate change as they tailor federal and state efforts to suit local and regional needs, according to this Policy Focus Report, which acknowledges the critical role of local planners in confronting challenges posed by climate change. It also addresses the region’s many political, cultural, demographic, and geographic factors that can be barriers to innovation and effectiveness. The report includes a survey of government staff and elected officials in the Intermountain West indicating skepticism about climate change. Accordingly, Western planners are emphasizing sustainability or economic efficiency, rather than climate change, in their decisions to manage water supplies, reduce energy consumption, increase transportation efficiency, and protect open space. Planning for Climate Change in the West was a product of the joint venture partnership of the Lincoln Institute and the Sonoran Institute, now called Western Lands and Communities.