Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cities of today, cities of tomorrow

Welcome to "Cities of Today, Cities of Tomorrow!" The Cities project is an interactive programme brought to you by the United Nations CyberSchoolBus. Its six intense units of clear writing, exciting information and great images give you the best overview of urbanization—its history, its potential, its problems... You can focus on just one part of the curriculum—say, the profiles of major cities, or an activity on population density—or you can take all 6 units as a whole. Just make sure you enjoy it all.

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Teachers: make sure you have read the How to use the curriculum file. Remember, you can also print the unit pages and photocopy them for class use.


Project description: About this project, its subject matter and objectives.

How to use the curriculum: Some suggestions and a quick breakdown of the Cities curriculum.

Table of contents: 6 complete teaching units about cities, each with its own objectives, summary, text, and activities.


Animated Information: An interactive introduction to the Habitat conference.

Cities Fact Game: An interactive on-line quiz about cities around the world.

The Ideal City: What does your ideal city look like? What's important? A classroom excercise to build understanding about urbanization ...and have fun too!

Plus activities for each teaching unit!


Background information: 9 complete “Backgrounders,” prepared by the United Nations Department of Public Information in preparation for the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements.

Doing good: 105 of the best ways to deal with urbanization. Selected from over 600 submissions from 95 countries, national committees for Habitat II, regional and international organisations.

City Profiles: A collection of 21 profiles of some of the world’s largest cities.

Bibliography: UN publications that were used as source material for the curriculum, and how you can order copies of your own.