Sunday, September 28, 2008

Project: Green Living, Tips For Living An Eco-friendly Lifestyle

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Will the last person to leave please turn off the lights! That was the sarcastic headline by a right wing paper in Britain before the 1992 elections when a Labor party victory seemed imminent. It just goes to show you that in the west even sarcasm reminds you about conserving energy!

In this day and age of spiraling electricity costs what can we do to save energy and help the environment? There are simple things that can be done. Have you ever for example noticed how the older homes made in the 1950’s and earlier seem to be cooler in summers? That’s because the old architects understood the weather of the country they were building in, they were not trying to duplicate Spanish villas and American state houses in Pakistan. They understood that houses had to be designed to protect from heat in the summer and conserve it in winters. The focus was on good insulation and good ventilation. Our supposed “modern” architects could do to learn from those people who built houses with their minds and pieces of paper and not on pre prepared cd from the west!

In addition to design, it’s the common sense things that I first hinted at, which are the most important, switching of lights when you leave the room, switching computers and TV’s of and not leaving them on standby. Switching to low voltage bulbs and investing in switches that automatically power down after a length of time.

All these things may sound silly but it’s that discipline which saves people money and makes life more comfortable in the long run.

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