Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Beyond Economic Growth (ebook, pdf)

An Introduction to Sustainable Development
Second Edition

The completely revised and expanded second edition of Beyond Economic Growth book is available in two online versions:

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Table of Contents

PDF version HTML version
PDF (12 MB) Entire book
226 Kb Cover, Title Page, Copyright Page, and Acknowledgements
161 Kb Introduction
302 Kb I. What is development?
791 Kb II. Comparing Levels of Development
909 Kb III. World Population Growth
921 Kb IV. Economic Growth Rates
292 Kb V. Income Inequality
1,081 Kb VI. Poverty and Hunger
1,136 Kb VII. Education
1,279 Kb VIII. Health and Longevity
828 Kb IX. Industrialization and Postindustrialization
869 Kb X. Urban Air Pollution
236 Kb XI. Public and Private Enterprises: Finding the Right Mix
1,105 Kb XII. Globalization: International Trade and Migration
243 Kb XIII. Globalization: Foreign Investment and Foreign Aid
1,073 Kb XIV. The Risk of Global Climate Change
186 Kb XV. Composite Indicators of Development
339 Kb XVI. Indicators of Development Sustainability
141 Kb XVII. Development Goals and Strategies
191 Kb Glossary
585 Kb Annexes:
38 Kb Annex 1. Classification of Economies by Income and Region
Annex 2. Data Tables
88 Kb Table 1. Indicators to chapters 1-5
92 Kb Table 2. Indicators to chapters 6-7
94 Kb Table 3. Indicators to chapters 8-9
107 Kb Table 4. Indicators to chapters 10-13
85 Kb Table 5. Indicators to chapters 14-16
87 Kb Annex 3. Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)