Monday, June 30, 2008

Change in thinking

  1. Change in thinking - Introduction
    Systems thinking is the philosophy for the next economy. This is the introduction to the Change in Thinking video.

  2. Change in thinking - New Economic Age
    What analytic thinking did for the industrial revolution, systems thinking will do for the next economy. Ron Davison narrates the impact of a change in thinking on society and production.

  3. Change in thinking - Intellectual Capital

  4. Change in thinking - Learning

  5. Change in thinking - Disovering Systems Thinking

  6. Change in thinking - Systems Thinking
    Systems thinking mirrors ecological thinking - looking at the context for problems and situations, treating them as emergent rather than isolated. It involves a sensitivity to wholes that is missing in analytical thinking.

  7. Change in thinking - Leadership
    Leaders dealing with systems -- that is, any leader of an organization or community - need to begin adopting systems thinking.